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Coordinates Converter (France)
Fast Pareto



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CatCo gives at your disposal free tools covering a range of technical fields related to the insurance and reinsurance industry. These tools are easy to use and are intended to give an idea of the type of services CatCo can provide to your company. Those tools can be used by reinsurance underwriters, actuaries, agents, and more…

The list of tools is getting a little longer every month so pay us a visit from time to time!

These tools are provided “as is” and CatCo rejects any responsibility about the use that might be made from this tools. No other help than the on line help will be provided but suggestions are welcome. Send them to

Tools by theme / Who it may concern:

- Code INSEE/Commune
Search for a commune INSEE code in 2 mouse clicks
Public concerned: All
- Coordinates converter for France
Go from one system to another in 2 clics. Available projections include: geographic (lon/lat),Lambert II étendu, Lambert 93,UTM31
Public: Any public interested by mapping issues in France

Reinsurance (english only):
- Fast Pareto Quote:
Rating of an Excess of loss treaty with a 1 parameter Pareto distribution. No annual conditions to the treaty (reinstatements, AAD,...)
Public: Reinsurance underwriter- Actuary - Reinsurance manager
- Quote-it-All :
Gathers tools for rating non proportionnal reinsurance treaties by Monte Carlo simulation methods. Limited to 1000 runs for server capacity reasons
The following types of reinsurance are available:
...- Excess of loss with annual conditions
...- Aggregate XS
...- Stop Loss
Basic actuarial/reinsurance knowledge required.
Public: Actuaries