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Type of Reinsurance:
Excess of Loss
Stop Loss

(0): Name of the layer to quote. If left blank layer is ignored
(1): if unlimited cover, leave blank
(2): priority: do not leave blank. If priority = 0 (ie FGU losses), enter 0. If left blank, layer is ignored
(3): nb of reinstatements : if left blank, assumed unlimited and free for calculation. If no reinst. , enter 0. Maximum considered is 20.
(4): % of premium reinstated: Rules :
If all layers have the same %, for example 2 reinst. at 100%, enter 100.
If reinst are free, leave blank or enter 0
If reinst. have different % enter each % separated by _. Ex 2 reinst with first one at 100%, second one 50%: enter 100_50
(5) : AAD: annual aggregate deductible. If none, leave blank
(6): EPI: if left blank or is 0, rate on EPI is not calculated. Same EPI for all layers.
(7) : seed - root of the random number generator. has to be an integer. same seed = same list of random numbers generated. default value is 1234