Studies and modeling for Reinsurers and Insurers since 2002
with a focus on catastrophes, but not only...

About Catco:
Catco was founded in 2002 by a former employee of AIR - Boston as a modeler - and of several reinsurance companies in their actuarial services, having in mind to propose services gathering versatile skills:

  • Insurance portfolio modeling
  • Cat modeling : wind, earthquake, flood
  • Software development, especially in Excel VBA macro langage
  • Robust and practical knowledge in non life reinsurance treaties analysis and rating

Since, the spectrum of activities has widened to other fields:

  • Data analysis for the insurance industry
  • Preparation and cleaning up of heavy database for insurers
  • Research of all kinds for insurance studies
  • DFA tools for insurance/reinsurance, including outputs from Cat engines (RMS/AIR/ others)
Catco has also specialised in mapping technologies - that are essential to analyze natural hazards: use of GISs, creation and manipulation of boundary shapefiles, calculations in geodesy, geocoding, ... Catco is the founder of web site, the first web site in France for geographical reprojections calculations, and of, its sistership for other European countries