Quality garanteed!
  95% of addresses in France are recognised on average!
Discount offered if results fall below 95%
    No hidden costs! Everything included in the price : cleaning up of your data, support,...
  Mispelled addresses ? polluted with unecessary terms? Don't spend weeks cleaning your data, Catco has developed specific algorithms that will do the job for you!
  Visualization of your geocoded data in GoogleEarth at no extra charge and easily with Viewport, a tool developed by Catco
    Even small database is welcome!
  Very short wait. We comit to fullfill your request in less than a week


Geocoding : what we can do for you

Geocoding consists in localizing with accuracy a geographic object – a house for example – from its address. This object can be positioned by its longitude/latitude coordinates on the globe or X,Y coordinates on a map. The great advantage of this operation is the accuracy as opposed to localization at town level for example.
Geocoding is opening doors to very fine analysis when applied to a full insurance portfolio: all analysis of exposures to natural hazards : floods, earthquakes as well a industrial conflagration for policies located next to industrial plants or dangerous storages for example. Geocoding also allows in depth market analysis: where to implement an agency according to the spread of population and existing insured clients, what areas in a city are over or under represented in a portfolio, etc..

CatCo is proposing geocoding services at street level or number level if the information is provided. The service is available for France only – overseas territories included – and is based on a very efficient algorithm of address cleaning and address recognition leading to rates of recognized addresses close to 100%, even when spelling is very deteriorated

A high quality service guaranteed:
Catco is committing to a rate of recognized addresses of 95%. If this rate is not reached, a discount is applied on the price up to -10%. In addition and for transparency of results, the geocoding is provided with a score for each address allowing to verify its accuracy.

Visualization of the entire portfolio in GoogleEarth with Viewport included at no charge:
Viewport is a tool developed by CatCo that allows to visualize geocoded data in GoogleEarth as well as exposures on areas at risk: floods, subsidence, ...Data can be filtered in many ways. Click on the left of the screen for more details about ViewPort..

!Everything for a very competitive price!

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