Natural Catastrophes

Catco is proposing a wide range of services concerning the impact of natural catastrophes on insurers's portfolios including the modelling of major hazards which insurers an reinsurers are exposed to in France : storms and hurricanes on overseas islands, floods. The modelling can include all stages of the process:

    •Accurate position of risks thanks to geocoding
    •Modelling of exposed values
    •Modelling of the natural phenomenar and of its intensity : wind speed, water elevation,...
    •Modelling of potential damage and of their stochastic distribution, giving the return period of losses as a function of their size.
    •Mapping of results with GIS
    •Visualisation of all policies of a portfolio in GoogleEarth with ViewPort. ViewPort is a very handy tool developed by CatCo to clickly eveluate exposures to natural perils directly in GoogleEarth. ViewPort includes flood zones for about 200 rivers of France, subsidence prone areas for most of the territory as well as phreatic floodings for the entire country

    •Catco can also help you analyse and use standard outputs from model providers (RMS/AIR/EQE) for instance for using them as inputs for DFA tools, particularly for Solvency II related studies.

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